Trend Following Indicator

Trend Following Indicator is for following trend and being in trend till trend is not changed.
Each Bullish and Bearish signal you can add one more future or option lot and be in trade till bearish signal is not coming.

You can close Long trade i.e. Bullish pyramiding trade when you see there is small red arrows are there
and similarly when you are in Short trade you can pyramid with each Bearish signal and you can close the trade when small green arrow start coming.

Pros: This signal system is working in stocks and Index and Commodity and Currency.

Cons: Choppy market results are not good on that time you have to believe on small arrows for signals.

This signal is available on subscription. contact me or ping me for more details.
Catatan Rilis: Below changes made in Indicator with latest release:

1) Updated with version Pine version 4
2) Gapup area bullish signal and Gapdown area bearish signal removed with gaps logic.
3)Label Signal added for Close crossover with Stops
4)Alerts added with as per signal conditions.
5) Previous Signal text color changes done.
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can you provide trial?
siddmuk2005 S_u_n_i_l
@S_u_n_i_l, join telegram and ping me there separately
Nice indicator..can I try this for 2 or 3 days then you can tell me the price or how can I get it?
siddmuk2005 arevytudu
@arevytudu, join telegram and ping me there separately
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