Laguerre RSI (Self Adjusting Alpha with Fractals Energy)

Laguerre RSI (Self Adjusting Alpha with Fractals Energy) indicator script. I adopted idea from https://www.prorealcode.com/prorealtime-... and

If you disable `Apply Fractals Energy` option, you will get the original Laguerre RSI .
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Your work always is an inspiration :) kudos and keep sharing great work
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everget Ankit_1618
@Ankit_1618, thanks! I will)
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How can I load this chart and or code into TOS?
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Great work everget! It's good to have this indicator here in TV... Keep the good work sr...Thank you very much!
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Hi there! Thanks for making such a wonderful indicator. Do you reckon it might get updated to Version 4? Am trying to combine with other indicators, but keep running into errors as it's an incompatible version. No worries if you're busy, thanks again for such a useful script!
Hi Sr., just quick query_ similar to the option of only showing the original Laguerre RSI, is it possible to plot only the Fractal Energy line??
Hi I cant seem to get this script to work on Tradestation, I keep getting Error (#30214)
Colon expected here in the descriptions tab after I hit the green tick to verified
everget azza50
@azza50, Hi, ask TV support
leodanrtg everget
@everget, Hi, how you can trade using this combination? I saw 2 videos in youtube but I want to know your opinion. thaks so much.
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