Our BITCOIN BOT is smashinnnngggggggg it ladies and gentlemen!!!

Clients are reporting the same gains as me... the bot is doing upwards of 40% a week in low volatility and hard to predict conditions.

Imagine how much this is going to do once bitcoin breaks out officially. Also you should look to me for the official breakout as my strategy is alot more precise than traditionl TA. I use purely quantitative advanced maths to build the bot after 8 years of research in financial derivatives. The bot works aswell as it does on BTCUSD as it does on eurusd , gbpusd or any currency, commodity, bond, equity, index. You name it this will trade it better than a pro.

So why is it so good?

I'm a clever guy and you can take advantage of all my years of knowledge and expertise by using the bot in exchange for a 5 to 10% profit fee per week.

Message me if you want a free 1 week trial.

Lets double our BTCUSD , and then if the bitcoin price goes up we will compound our gain even further.

I am filming 65 courses on my expertise in financial markets,and data science at the moment. If you're interested these will be availble in June for virtually free, the source code will not be explained but I will give insight into my new ideas and what is coming next for Grey Trading.

Follow us and watch us.

Best regards,

Mr Grey

Head of Grey Trading

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