MayerMultiple Price BB

This charts an indicator created by Trace Mayer with some extras.

- Mayer Multiple
- Price adjusted by Mayer Multiple Average with Bollinger Bands

Moving Average Function can be selected from a list with standard functions and following experimental extras:
- Volume Weighted Exponential Moving Average [ema(x*v, y) / ema (v, y)]
- Volume Weighted Time Decayed Moving Average // similar to vwema, but alpha is calculated from length as half-life decay function (not sure if I got that right...)

Default MA function is sma , to keep it true to the original MM indicator, but I think VWEMA and VWTDMA may perform better with exponential nature of Bitcoin .

Suggestions and bug reports are welcome =)
Catatan Rilis: Sorry about this double post.
Deprecating in favor of:
Hilangkan dari Skrip-Skrip Favorit Tambahkan ke Skrip-Skrip Favorit


What X, V, Y stand for? Thanks.
accerqueira syracusepro
@syracusepro, price, volume and length/halflife
syracusepro accerqueira
@accerqueira, Thanks a lot.
accerqueira syracusepro
@syracusepro, btw, this was a double post, I'm updating the other one at:
will try to delete or replace this with a link to that...
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