Super Algorithm Strategy (Joy Bangla)

This is the strategy tester for the
Below are the performance results

  • Starting with $10,000
  • Net Profit: 88%
  • 66% profitable trades
  • 34% losing trades. Do look at the losing trades. If one did careful moment management, some of those may end up profitable as well.
  • 4.158 Profit factor.
  • 16.1% drawdown. I would go a bit more and say if I am using this, my risk management should ensure for a stop loss of 20%.
  • 66 bars on average ( aka it holds for a long time. So, one needs to look into the funding factor in money management)
  • Sharpe Ratio: 0.291

Only 7 trades done (with 6 closed) in 2 and a half years. So this absolutely reduces noise as much as possible.

In short, if I had $10000 of BTC beginning of 2018, I would be having $18,878 worth of btc right now.

With 4x leverage, this could be a huge potential.

For info on gaining access see the ⬇ link below ⬇ in our signature field & direct message me. I have a busy schedule at my own workplace. Trading is my hobby. Hence, please be kind to me if I am late in replying.
Catatan Rilis: Note:
  • Reflects the Super Algorithm more closely. There was a typo in the source code that no longer there.
  • This is not financial advice.

The statistics from the analysis above shows 81% profitable trades/accuracy on 2day timeframe BTCUSD 2018 till today data.

Below are a few statistics I found when I used it on different coins
ETHUSD using Coinbase data on 2day timeframe gives me 76% profitable trades/accuracy.
ADAUSDT using BITTREX data on 2d timeframe gives me 93% profitable trades/accuracy.
TOMOUSDT using Kucoin Daily data gives me 75% profitable trades/accuracy.
SHITPRP using FTX Daily data gives me 94% profitable trades/accuracy.
BTCUSD using Coinbase 2Day data gives me about 81% profitable trades/accuracy.
ALGOUSDT using BINANCE 2day data gives me about 95% profitable trades/accuracy.
XTZUSD using Coinbase Daily data gives me about 85% profitable trades/accuracy.
ETCUSD using Coinbase 2D daily gives me 86% profitable trades/accuracy

When it says, Reduce it means it is best to convert half into cash. So imagine if you are starting with 2 BTC, then with each reduce it goes to 1btc, then 0.5btc, then 0.25btc etc. This way, I ensure I am taking regular profit form the market embracing my money management. Your money and risk management is yours.
Catatan Rilis: A silly typo in the comment of my code has been fixed. It does not affect functionality.
Catatan Rilis: It is a minor update to the Super Algorithm Indicator strategy script. I have changed the text to make it consistent with the Super Algorithm Indicator plot text. I have also pulled the take profit percentage into its own variable.

For access or for more information on the indicator:!AsYFY2urkUw_lqwVNBKWZUYuWLtKHg?e=uVTmMp
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