MTF Bollinger Bands StdDev1-3 Daily Weely Montyly Yearly

Multiple Time Frame Bollinger Bands .
Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly.
StdDev: 1σ, 2σ, 3σ

Support and Resistance .
Feb 09
Catatan Rilis: Scale Settings:
✓ Scale Price Chart Only
Mar 15
Catatan Rilis: Update for visibility.
Mar 18
Catatan Rilis: Updates for visibility.
Apr 06
Catatan Rilis: Change 3σ color.
Sep 02
Catatan Rilis: * Pinescript V4
* Improved visibility.
* Added "Hide daily and weekly over daily?" option. This is enabled by default.
* New labels.
Oct 02
Catatan Rilis: * Show BB value.
* Change "Upper" => "👆", "Lower" => "👇"
* Crosses is displayed when it touches the candlestick.
If you don't need them, you can hide them in the settings.
Oct 27
Catatan Rilis:
  • Label price display is hidden by default. It ’s too heavy.
  • Added 1h3σ and 4h1,2,3σ.
  • Added Length to labels.
  • Changed color.
  • Changed the title of this indicator. Maybe I will re-publish this indicator as another indicator.
Mar 27
Catatan Rilis: This indicator is no longer being updated.
Use the same feature indicator below.
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