PlutusX Breakout

Hello PlutusX Family,

We created this GBPUSD breakout strategy for you all. This strategy can be easily automated on your broker account. This strategy is SPECIFICALLY for people who have no time to stare at charts (like me), or do not necessarily want to learn technical analysis .

Currency Pair: GBPUSD
Time Frame: Any (H1 is better)

Trading Rules:

1- Open your chart on 08:00 AM ( GMT ), or 02:00AM MST.

2- This strategy will find Max & Min price to use for later, in addition to 2 t/p zones.

3- You have 2 numbers. Maximum Price & Minimum Price. Now should open 2 pending orders:

Buy Stop:
At: Maximum Price Line + 2 pips
T/P: 1st dotted line above the Maximum Price Line
T/P: 2nd dotted line above the Maximum Price Line
S/L: Minimum Price Line - 2 pips
Expiratory: Next trading day at 08:00 AM ( GMT )

Sell Stop:
At: Minimum Price Line - 2 pips
T/P: 1st dotted line below the Minimum Price Line
T/P: 2nd dotted line below the Minimum Price Line
S/L: Maximum Price Line + 2 pips
Expiratory: Next trading day at 08:00 AM ( GMT )

4- Now you can even turn off your computer and sleep. If any of above pending orders activated, let it touch T/P or S/L itself. It may take some hours or even some days. Please never close it manually.

Inactive pending orders will expire next trading day at 08:00 AM ( GMT ). At this time you should go to the first stage and repeat this cycle for the next day.


I'd recommend that you use this in addition to your technical analysis . Be aware of fundamental news such as NON-Farm, FOMC, etc. Those news sources tend to create intense volatility in the FX market and could trigger buy & sell orders simultaneously. In which, I'd suggest a technique called fading. Video on that soon.

Now that my TED Talk is over on blockchain I can be more active with the trading series and technical analysis .

Be sure to use the PlutusX EMA script that I created for BTC as well.

I created this script as a "study" with TV so that means there are now values assigned to W/L ratio or P/L. However, you can easily visualize the P/L and W/L ratio and from our count, we are experiencing a 73% win ratio with ~120% gains YoY. Not bad for an easily automated strategy.
We are not accountable for the loss that may occur from using this strategy. This is merely a tool for your trading arsenal. Trading involves risk to lose some or all of your money. Past results are NOT indicative of future returns. Trade carefully my friends.
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