Extended Session High/Low

This script automatically draws the high/low of after hours and pre-market
Catatan Rilis: Extended the line drawn to be clearly visible during market hours
Catatan Rilis: You can now input your favorite time where to end looking for a high/low (e.g. ending hour = 10 and ending hour = 30 will mark the high/low until 10:30AM). Default value is ending hour = 9 and ending hour = 30 (9:30AM).
Catatan Rilis: Cleaned code
Catatan Rilis: Added the possibility to visualize the past and, so, to backtest it more easily. Just unflag the "last only" option and enjoy it!
Skrip open-source

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Roberto B


Good work Roberto. Is it possible to re add start time so it can be used for futures contracts too since they have different ETH hours? Thanks!
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Thanks for building this.!
great script, good approach of what I am looking for, which is: is it possible to get the pre-market price for each pre-market hour?. To be more clear: let's say the market will open at 9:30 in the morning, and I run my script at 8:44 in the morning too, so the return would be the last close price at 8:00. Same story, if I would run the script 5 mins before market open at 9:25, then I would get the last pre-market hourly close price at 9:00....
Nice work! Any way to add a option to include the premarket opening price (voodoo line)

Thanks a lot Roberto. Is it possible to re adjust this script in order to see only premarket levels or even add them to this script? Thanks!
FourC StanMils
@StanMils, i have adjusted this script for myself and shared it. it may have what you're looking for
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@FourC, Great work!
FourC freedom_trader_
@freedom_trader_, i am only capable of tweaking existing code and this was what i was looking for. many thanks for your work!
@FourC, Cool. Glad to be have helped!