CM Renko Overlay Bars

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CM_Renko Overlay Bars V1

Overlays Renko Bars on Regular Price Bars.

Default Renko plot is based on Average True Range . Look Back period adjustable in Inputs Tab.

If you Choose to use "Traditional" Renko bars and pick the Size of the Renko Bars the please read below.

Value in Input Tab is multiplied by .001 (To work on Forex)
1 = 10 pips on EURUSD - 1 X .001 = .001 or 10 Pips
10 = . 01 or 100 Pips
1000 = 1 point to the left of decimal. 1 Point in Stocks etc.
10000 = 10 Points on Stocks etc.
***V2 will fix this issue.
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//Created By ChrisMoody on 11-03-2014
study(title="CM_Renko Overlay Bars V1", shorttitle="CM_Renko Overlay_V1",overlay=true)
//rt = input(true, title="ATR Based REnko is the Default, UnCheck to use Traditional ATR?")
atrLen = input(10, minval=1, title="ATR Look Back Length")
isATR = input(true, title="Checked Box = ATR Renkos, If You Un Check Box Please Read Below")
def = input(false, title="Number Below is Multiplied by .001, So 1=10 Pips on EURUSD, 10=100 Pips, 1000 = 1 Point on Stocks/Furures")
tradLen1 = input(1000, minval=0, title="Input for Non-ATR Renkos, See Above for Calculations")

//Code to be implemented in V2
//mul = input(1, "Number Of minticks")
//value = mul * syminfo.mintick

tradLen = tradLen1 * .001

param = isATR ? renko(tickerid, "open", "ATR", atrLen) : renko(tickerid, "open", "Traditional", tradLen)

renko_close = security(param, period, close)
renko_open = security(param, period, open)

col = renko_close < renko_open ? fuchsia : lime

p1=plot(renko_close, style=cross, linewidth=3, color=col)
p2=plot(renko_open, style=cross, linewidth=3, color=col)
fill(p1, p2, color=white, transp=80)