Traditional Pivot Points Alerts

Created a script for alerts on Traditional Pivot Points .
You will be able to create separate alerts for every level or create one for price crossing any level.
Because of some TradingView limitations, alerts won't be fired for the first bar of the session. Will try to solve that in the new versions.
In the script used new v4 plotting features, so will be able to plot levels and labels nicely. Unfortunately, there is a limit on the number of consecutive lines you can plot on the plot (around 50), so lines in the past will disappear.
You can enable/disable in params displaying level itself on the chart.

And remember:
Past performance does not guarantee future results.
Catatan Rilis: Cleaning the code
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Hi, Can you add Hourly also.
If possible add average Line of previous 'n' days or weeks or months or years
i.e Average Pivot of last 5 days, or 10 days or .... etc...
How can I change max_bars_back? Because I get an error all periot and non visible all pivot line.
"Pine cannot determine the referencing length of a series. Try using max_bars_back in the study or strategy function"
QuantNomad dokuzuncu
@dokuzuncu, Add something like max_bars_back = 5000 to your study call.

Could you please write a script that 15 minutes candle breakout 2 resistance or support with the body...

Example: Candle Open Below R1 and Closed Above R2 (15 minutes time frame)
Example: Candle Open Above S1 and Closed Below S2 (15 minutes time frame)
is it possible to change the colours and the letters that are beside the lines?
QuantNomad rvannest2002
@rvannest2002, yep, but you have to adjust the code for that

i tried your script but i got an error meaning '"too many drawings, cannot clean oldest". Do you have the same error? thanks
@Tetef, Hi PM me screenshot with params, symbol and timeframe used, I will take a look.
Hi, Nomad. Thanks for sharing this awesome script. Just a quick question here.

Previously, I've been using SierraChart trading terminal in my technical analysis. And their implementation of Pivot Points indicator has on option to forward-project PP - they are taking values of current daily candle even thou it is still forming, and based on current day OHLC values you can see forward-projected PP (they automatically adjust based on current price and they strand drawing from 00:00UTC of next day).

Is it possible to implement forward-projection with PineScript?
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