AMAZING Least Squares Moving Average strategy CRYPTO TRENDS

Least Squares Moving Average Calculation
The indicator is based on sum of least squares method to find a straight line that best fits data for the selected period. The end point of the line is plotted and the process is repeated on each succeeding period.

The formula for calculating the line of best fit is

b = ( nΣxy – ΣxΣy ) / ( nΣx² – (Σx)² )

a = ( Σy – bΣx ) / n

Where n is the number of data points selected; y is the price; x is the date; a is the constant (the value when x equals zero); b is the slope of the line

Entry logic
The least squares moving average generates signals, when the price deviates from the indicator.

If the signal changes to an uptrend along with recovery in prices, a buy signal is generated. If the signal changes to a downtrend along with a fall in price, a sell signal is generated

Skrip terproteksi
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