Quansium Easy Trend

This is a simple trend detector with alerts. The main difference is it divides the trend in bullish, bearish or flat.

Each alert signals the beginning of a new trend. Bullish/Flat Trend is when any of the two happens and the previous trend was bearish . Bearish/Flat Trend is similar, except the previous trend in this case is bullish . I made those two in case the user wants to exit a position based on any change of previous trend including sideway (flat).

There is the option to change the visuals. Bar will show colors on the candles, and Chart on the background.

When creating alerts, you must choose "Once Per Bar". Also, all signals use previous source data. So when the color changes, it's permanent.

Made with love for our users.

Demo Video:

Discord Group:

Catatan Rilis: Small Update
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Discord: Members Only

Website: https://www.Quansium.com
Is there *any* way we might get a look at the source code for this bad boy?

Great work by the way
is it working ? cannot find it
Really appreciate this, I need help getting started and this is it:)

Quansium Drawn_Cup
@Drawn_Cup, It's all about balance. We gain support when someone sign up for our subscription. Then in return we can give back. It means a lot hearing good feedback. It motivates us to continue giving back.
can i get access? thanks
@dinsum, Just click on "Indicators", and search for "Quansium Easy Trend" , then add it. Or, you can click on "Add to Favorite Script" which is above the comments section. Then you will see it in your favorite scripts. This is fully open and free for everyone.
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