Fast ROI checker 50% Gann Retracement

This script is based on the Gann's 50% Retracement rule.

First, the ATH (All Time High) and ATL (All Time Low) are calculated; then, the 50% retracement level is found.

With this 50% level, we'll calculate the maximum price entry to keep a ROI which is set in the parameters.

For exemple, I only want to buy assets which can make a x16 before the 50% retracement , the script will calculate the maximum entry to respect this ROI .

If the Max entry price is above the ATL , the line will be green; if not, the line will be red.

To faster the search in the watchlist, when the price is between the Max Entry line and the ATL line, the background is painted in green.

It's not an investment strategy, you have to find your proper indicators to make purchases.

Enjoy !
Skrip open-source

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