The indicator gives signals based on possible ENTRY/EXIT zones (calculated using an ema ribbon of the BBW ) and BB%B oversold/overbought conditions, also a 200 EMA filter is used to trade following the major trend.
ENTRY/EXIT zones can be used as a confirmation on other strategies (green zones suggest a possible entry for a long in an uptrend and for a short in a downtrend, red zones suggest a possible exit for long & short)
Only LONG signals are given.

Signals are divided in 3 categories based on their strenght:

- Weak BUY/SELL (green/red circles on chart)
- normal BUY/SELL (green/red triangles with "BUY" or "SELL" text on chart)
- strong BUY/SELL (green/red labels with "STRONG BUY" or "STRONG SELL" text on chart)

You can use signals from the same category as triggers for entering or exiting a trade or you can try using signals from different categories

All indicators settings can be costumized
Possible EXTRY/EXIT zones can be turned ON/OFF
Every signal label can be turned ON/OFF
EMA that changes color based on last candle close can be turned ON/OFF

Alerts can be set for:
- General Signals (every signal will trigger it)
- Weak Signals (only weak signals will trigger it)
- Normal Signals (only normal signals will trigger it)
- Strong Signals (only strong signals will trigger it)

There are 3 BB%B Oversold & 3 BB%B Overbought value presets:

- BASIC (default values)
- LOW (slightly lower values from default)
- HIGH (slightly higher values from default)

Use BB%B OS LOW preset to find entries at a better price
Use BB%B OS HIGH preset to find entries faster
Use BB%B OB LOW preset to find exits faster
Use BB%B OB HIGH preset to find exits at a better price

There are 3 Filters already included:

- A checkbox to toggle ON/OFF the use of Heikin Ashi candels to detect trades
- A checkbox to toggle ON/OFF the use of an ema filter for the ribbon that tries to reduce the number of false signals on over-extended price movements
- A checkbox to toggle ON/OFF the use of an ema filter that tries to reduce the number of false signals when price crosses the moving average many times consecutively
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