Martyv Auto Fib Retracement with Logarithmic Support

Simple & easy auto-fib levels. Took the out-of-the-box version provided by TradingView and added Logarithmic support and a nicer palette, and made the controls a bit nicer to use (in my opinion lol). Enjoy.
Catatan Rilis: Updated depth to 18 periods, and set extended lines as the default setting.
Catatan Rilis: A few tweaks to default settings.
Catatan Rilis: Updated a few default settings. Primarily increased Deviation to 6 and Depth to 18 (you can change these in settings).
Catatan Rilis: A little housecleaning... minor visual adjustments and level tweaks.
Catatan Rilis: Began adding support for "dynamic fib multipliers" - meaning the multiplier adjusts itself according to the timeframe, basically automating some of the tweaks I like to make when switching timeframes, especially small ones. There's both a 'low multiplier' and a 'high multiplier' input (defaulting to 3, 6) and the retrace fibs will switch between those multipliers depending on your time multiple.
Catatan Rilis: Minor tweaks to fib timescale multipliers for more useful/"better" dynamic adjustments.
Catatan Rilis: Minor depth change for high multiplier
Catatan Rilis: Title update. Bothered me.
Catatan Rilis: Added support for dynamic threshold multipliers at key timeframe resolutions. The goal is to be able to slap a correct fib retrace on any chart and it adapt to the resolution so you avoid teeny-tiny barcode fibs or huge gaping chasm fibs (you can always draw those on as needed). Not a game changer or anything, but a nifty little tool that I enjoy building and using. I've found it helpful so far, hopefully others out there do too! 👻
Catatan Rilis: Minor changes to defaults
Catatan Rilis: Minor change to default values/colors.
Catatan Rilis: Minor default change.
Catatan Rilis: Minor default change
Catatan Rilis: Default values change - Getting closer to a more accurate dynamic detection system.
Catatan Rilis: Added dynamic depth options to go along with deviation options. Working towards having it default to calculating the best inputs for the currently viewed timeframe, and some cool new features both suggested by users and from my own machinations. Hehe >:)
Catatan Rilis: Updates to initial deviation and depth defaults. Fine-tuning the rough version of the dynamics.
Catatan Rilis: Minor default swap
Catatan Rilis: Color changes
Catatan Rilis: Minor default swap. Honing in on various "one size fits most" details.
Catatan Rilis: Name change.
Catatan Rilis: Small default swap.
Catatan Rilis: Default swap.
Catatan Rilis: Update: Found some variations on default values that should work well for most general uses. Also updated some of the line styles for more visual cues on important levels. In the future I'd like to make each level take user input on solid, dashed, dotted, etc.
Catatan Rilis: Minor color changes.
Catatan Rilis: Updated to use a higher timeframe ZigZag to find the most appropriate fib for the current timeframe (ZigZag scale can be changed in settings). Also added divergence detection across many different options, and additional fib levels are added as price action moves out of range. Currently there is a bug with the 'reverse' feature.
Catatan Rilis: Added a trend channel (basically a 2nd Zig Zag) that you can use to keep you in the proper trend. I've found it useful, no idea if anyone else will. But, you can easily turn it off. Also cleaned up the input panel and optimized the autofib extension a bit.
Catatan Rilis: Defaults update and screenshot update.
Catatan Rilis: Adjusted Fib lookback vs. Trend Channel lookback for better results (for me, so far...), it seems to work better in my strategies to have the autofib on a larger lookback than my trend channels. Helps with identifying fib level probabilities, hopefully this is helpful to others :)
Catatan Rilis: Made many changes, and divided the functionality up into 4 pieces: Fibonacci, Divergence, Trend Channels, Super Smooth. They can be turned on/off individually, and there are customizable settings for each feature. I am working on a more fully-featured indicator, so if you have things you'd like to see or if you catch any bugs please let me know. Thanks!

1. AutoFib
Uses a Zig-Zag with a specified lookback period (Default 34)
Customizable fib levels, colors, and styles
Automatically adds fib extensions as needed
Can change the lookback period and turn the visible Zig Zag and/or AutoFib on/off
Can turn Logarithmic on/off

2. Divergence
Can identify and mark divergences (regular and hidden) for MACD, MACD Histogram, RSI, Stochastic, CCI, Momentum, OBV, Diosc, VWmacd, and Chaikin Money Flow
Can turn divergences on/off individually
Can choose to show hidden divergence

3. Trend Channels
Uses a Zig-Zag with a specified lookback period (Default 21)
Setting AutoFIb to a longer lookback than Trend Channels is recommended, at least that has been working very well for myself
Can turn channels on/off
Can change the lookback period and turn the Zig Zag and/or Channels on/off

4. Super Smooth
Uses the John F. Ehlers Supersmooth method on a specified lookback period (Default 14)
Checks the current price action against the lookback period trend and if the Supersmooth signal aligns with the trend direction, it gives a strong signal (Bull/Bear). A continuation signal (Neutral) is given if these two don’t match, and often indicates trend continuation or trend reversal.
Can turn supersmooth and/or matching bar repaint on/off
Can choose between Bull/Bear/Neutral signals and only Bull/Bear signals
Alerts available for Bullish or Bearish change
Can choose current timeframe or any timeframe
Catatan Rilis: The autofib has been recalculated, and you can now choose to display the most recent "confirmed" fib retrace, or the more recent unconfirmed fib (this results in a direct 0-1 fib retrace containing recent price action). I also adjusted the lookback length to 21 for both the fib zigzag and the trend channel zigzag, which seems to yield better results for me.

- Can choose between AutoFib with manually defined levels or SmartFib with levels automatically calculated, including extensions as needed. You can change all values to suit your needs
- Choose between only using the most recent confirmed fib retrace, or the currently developing (non-confirmed) fib retrace - this will also contain price action within a 0-1 fib
- Adds fib extensions as needed, you can define extension levels
Catatan Rilis: Updated to provide 2 new retrace options,
1) Contain Price (will make sure current price action is between a 0-1 fibonacci retracement. Fibs are considered 'valid' once price action has retraced beyond 23.6%) - You can turn this off to activate fib extension levels, and
2) Manual fib levels - Will respect fib levels as you have them checked in settings, regardless of auto settings

Also a minor update to add a few more available fib levels. These two features have proved to be very useful in my own analysis, hopefully it helps you with yours.
Catatan Rilis: Updated Alert functions, there are two:

1) Bullish signal - alerts when the TREND RIBBON flips to bullish on the current timeframe
2) Bearish signal - alerts when the TREND RIBBON flips to bearish on the current timeframe

I don't have a signal included for the neutral state when using the 3-way ribbon color. If you think that would be useful let me know.
Catatan Rilis: Added 2 new options:

1) Weight bar colors by volume (you can adjust sensitivity)
2) Weight bar colors by momentum (you can adjust sensitivity)
Catatan Rilis: Added a current price tag that can be turned off, and lives within the margin between price action and the fib level labels. Found it was useful to have the current price on the screen next to the bar.
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