MACD Alma Variant[DM]

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Greetings to all the colleagues here present
I share the script of the classic MACD "Moving average convergence divergence"
On this occasion, the mean has been changed, only have Arnaud Legoux Moving Average to perform all calculations and output signals.
Available settings:
1.Recurring alerts at signal crossing
2.Recurring alerts at the intersection of the signal and axis 0
3.Recurring alerts at signal crossing and over trend levels
4.Show or hide crossing points
5.Show or hide strong trending levels
6.Change or not the macd colors
7.Color change in bars
8.Adjustment of all axes
9.Adjustment of all moving average parameters
10.Independent Source
11.Independent resolution
I appreciate you sharing the lengths that are most suitable for you here in comments
Thank you all.
Special mention to ChrisMoody and Cheatcountry some parts of the script are copied from their indicators.
/// Quick Explained ALMA ///
Window size: The window size is the look-back period and it is a basic setting of ALMA.
Experienced traders can change this setting according to their preference.
But if you are using this indicator for the first time, it is recommended to go with the default setting.
Offset: The offset value is used to tweak the ALMA so that it will be more inclined
towards responsiveness or smoothness. You can set the offset in decimals between the 0 to1.
The value of 0.01 makes it smoother, while a setting of 0.99 makes the indicator more responsive.
Sigma: The sigma is used for the filter. Any value less than 6 makes the indicator
more focused, whereas the setting of 6 makes the filter large. According to Mr Arnaud,
a sigma value of 6 is offer good performance.
Catatan Rilis:
Major changes
Updated Code to Pine V5
Added Volumen Weighted Variant
Catatan Rilis:
Updated Log

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