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// Stock market moves in a highly chaotic way, but at a larger scale, the movements
// follow a certain pattern that can be applied to shorter or longer periods of time
// and we can use Indicator to identify those patterns. Basically,
// Indicator helps us to identify whether the stock market is
// trending or not. When a market is trending, the bands will have a slope and if market
// is not trending the bands will flatten out. As the slope of the bands decreases, it
// signifies that the market is choppy, insecure and variable. As the graph becomes more
// and more abrupt, be it going up or down, the significance is that the market becomes
// trendy, or stable. Indicator is used similarly to other bands-indicator
// ( Bollinger bands for instance), offering trading opportunities when price moves above or
// under the fractal lines.
// The FCB indicator looks back in time depending on the number of time periods trader selected
// to plot the indicator. The upper fractal line is made by plotting stock price highs and the
// lower fractal line is made by plotting stock price lows. Essentially, the Fractal Chaos Bands
// show an overall panorama of the price movement, as they filter out the insignificant fluctuations
// of the stock price.
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