Fib Divergence System

Combo of many useful indicators which includes fib lines, time and money channels and divergence buy sell signals

Credits for source code:
Scarf, Lazybear, 100kiwi
Catatan Rilis: Added UCS regression curve
Skrip open-source

Sejalan dengan semangat TradingView, penulis skrip ini telah mempublikasikannya secara open-source, sehingga para trader dapat memahami dan memverifikasinya. Salut untuk sang penulis! Anda dapat menggunakannya secara gratis, tetapi penggunaan kembali kode ini dalam publikasi diatur oleh Tata Tertib. Anda dapat memfavoritkannya untuk dapat menggunakannya didalam sebuah chart.

Inggin menggunakan skrip ini pada chart?


Thank you !
what means the P ?
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revanchdg fabienben
@fabienben, Divergennce
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tylerwu revanchdg
@revanchdg, could you explain it more specific ?
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Hello @revanchdg
Congratulations you have done an excellent work, however I have observed that Fibonacci lines are not drawn in timeframes greater than 1 week.
This occurs when the graph has fewer bars than indicated by the len variable (Period = 200 by default).
A fix for this is to enter the following code for Pine Script version 4.

len = input(title = "Period", type = input.integer, defval =200)

length = len > bar_index + 1 ? bar_index + 1 : len

srcHigh = highest(high, length)
srcLow = lowest(low, length)
diff = srcHigh - srcLow

line0000 = srcLow

For users who do not know how to code, it would be very helpful if you could release a new version with this fix.
One more time, many thanks for your work.
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Nice work. It is very useful when the support and resistance levels are very distant. When the market is ranging it is pretty hard to get true signals of the code. In every time frame it works. but one should wait for confirmation candle of course. Well done!
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Does this script repaint?
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revanchdg ilesanmipepsi
ilesanmipepsi revanchdg
@revanchdg, Thanks for your reply.
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revanchdg ilesanmipepsi
@ilesanmipepsi, But for the divergence buy sell signals you need to wait till the next candle close to confirm signal on previous bar and that's it it doesn't repaint like ha scripts. You can also try Trading System which has fib Bollinger bands
ilesanmipepsi revanchdg
@revanchdg, Can you recommend anyone please? However, I'm swing trader, I like system that works best on higher time frame.