Multi Indicator for Price Action with Next Day Pivot and CPR

Supertrend indicator has been used from the source code of Mr. Kivan Ozbiligic.

This multi-indicator is dedicated to Dr. Devendra P Singh, Mentor and Teacher in Price Action / Options Trading Strategy for many like me. This is also to help them who cannot afford to have TradingView Premium Version to attach multiple indicator. This combination of indicators is surely repaintable.

By default all the visibility of the indicators has been kept unchecked to avoid clumsiness. Just check the boxes whatever you need to make it visible.

There may be some minor bugs/hiccups. In the next phase the following things would be taken care of:

1. Repainting is avoided.
2. Bugs are taken care of.
3. Incorporate any suggestions from Dr . Devendra.

Catatan Rilis: A major bug in Next Day Pivot with CPR has been corrected.
Catatan Rilis: 1. Visual enhancements and colour inputs for all indicators.
2. Linewidth for individual EMAs and global linewidth for all EMAs
3. In style tab, no separate choices of colour can be made. Input colour will take care of all other colours.
Catatan Rilis: Forgot to mention that colour choices are for dark theme only. I'll introduce separate theme colour set for further enhancements.
Catatan Rilis: In Place of only EMA, other Moving Averages option has been introduced.

1. Different Moving Averages can be chosen.
2. Different Sources for Moving Averages can be chosen.
3. If al MA is checked, then all MA 01 to MA 06 will be of same type with same source.

Please comment, if you like it for your use.
Catatan Rilis: Minor enhancement.
Catatan Rilis: Added VWAP in the Indicator. No further indicator can be added.

In this VWAP there is a speciality, which gives the capability to add VWAP on BankNifty Spot Chart. The VWAP for BankNifty is a simulated one as BankNifty Spot is a non-tradeable Instrument. However, to achieve this, original idea goes to @TradeVertex. Thanks to the creator for the idea to visualise the Volume for BankNifty Spot Chart. In the same line, this VWAP is enabled on BankNifty Spot Chart.

The weightage has been taken as per latest NSE publication on 31st May 2022. As soon as NSE updates the weightage, this VWAP for BankNifty will be updated. That means, it will not remain 100% relevant on the historical bars but will remain relevant on the real-time bars after update.

As this VWAP is a simulated one (Only for BankNifty), any use of this is solely on user's discretion.
Catatan Rilis: Minor Fix has been carried out.
Catatan Rilis: 1. Next Day CPR with Pivot has been re-coded to provide error free results.
2. Smoothed HA Candles has been provided with the option for showing wicks with another option to provide transparency.
3. The weightage of Banknifty Constituent Banks has been updated as per NSE Circular Dated 30.06.2022
Catatan Rilis: Pivot & CPR has been modified not to show on daily / weekly / monthly time frame chart.
Catatan Rilis: Minor error has been detected and corrected.
Catatan Rilis: 1. CPR individual linewidth has been introduced.
2. Smoothed Heikenashi Candle Set 1 & Set 2 display mode separated to choose any or both.
Catatan Rilis: 1. R1, S1, R2, S2, R3 & S3 has been incorporated along with the Pivot & CPR.
2. SuperTrend has been simplified. Instead of using senior @KivancOzbilic 's script, the inbuilt SuperTrend has been used with additional source input.
3. Banknifty VWAP weightage have been updated for realistic view.

Still all the visuals are off by default. Users can chose, which indicator is required for them.
Catatan Rilis: Minor enhancements in visual effects.
Catatan Rilis: 1. R1, S1, R2, S2, R3 & S3 changed from plot to lines do declutter the chart. Only Today and tomorrow are made visible for tomorrow's planning and today's trade decisions.
2. CPR can be seen for longer back durations or for today and tomorrow.
Catatan Rilis: Some additional options has been added for visual enhancement.
Catatan Rilis: 1. Some minor errors fixed.
2. Included Previous Day High & Low.
Catatan Rilis: Still some errors fixed.
Catatan Rilis: Color selector introduced for Prev Day High & support both dark and light theme.
Catatan Rilis: As such TradingView has provided volume bars in Banknifty & Nifty Spot Chart, hence the need for simulated VWAP on Banknifty Spot Chart is no longer needed.
In view of that, Dual VWAP have been included in the Indicator. For one the source is "Close" and for another the source is "Open". This is to understand the trend of the chart.
However, for putting the normal VWAP, one should select only one VWAP and source should be selected as either "hl2" or "hlc3" as in normal case.
Catatan Rilis: In Dual VWAP, timeframe has been introduced. By default both are one hour. However, for using Single VWAP, one should select only one VWAP and change the timeframe to "Chart" timeframe.
Catatan Rilis: Added ability to SuperTrend for multiple timeframe.
Catatan Rilis: For the support and resistance lines, three different types of support and resistance options have been incorporated. They are namely "Fibonacci", "Traditional" & "Camarilla".

Hope this will help some users who was actively looking to have the option of changing the type of Support and Resistances.
Catatan Rilis: Additional SuperTrend added. So, right now there are three SuperTrends.
Catatan Rilis: Added the option to plot daily High / Low on chart for back testing and viewing purpose.

Also the VWAP Plotting has been corrected so that the gaps between plots are covered.
Catatan Rilis: Minor correction.
Catatan Rilis: Added Bollinger Band for two different Standard Deviations. It is helpful in deciding the direction of movement if the price is in between Bollinger Band 1 and Bollinger Band 2. However, it is not a financial advice. User will remain solely attributable for his own trade decisions.

Also included opening range for multi timeframe.

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