Simple Gaps

Author: maqpie
Date: 17th of August, 2017

Simple overlay showing gaps.

I am open to critique and improvement proposals for all my scripts.
If you like it give it a thumbs up and remember:

"It's nice to be important but ...
... more important to be nice!"
Catatan Rilis: Fixed a bug where gaps who would gap up but then partially fill the gap (i.e. close lower than it had opened) and for gaps who would gap down but then partially fill the gap (i.e. close higher than it had opened). Thank you 01sasa01 for bringing this edge case to my attention.
Catatan Rilis: Today, I noticed a false positive on the daily Bitfinex:BTCUSD chart.
Rather embarrassing to be honest but at least it is fixed now.

If you see false positives or other mistakes in any of my indicators please let me know.
Also, if you have suggestions for existing or new indicators feel free to contact me.
Catatan Rilis: Added Joby Gap
Catatan Rilis: - Removed doji candle coloring (found it distracting)
Catatan Rilis: I didn't like the distraction of the text of 'Joby Gap', so I replaced it with a white dot. The dot is shown at the actual bar where the Joby gap triggers. If you think the previous version is better, please let me know.
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best script for dem gaps
+2 Jawab
maqpie pathogen
@pathogen, thanks!
Simple but so effective. Great bit of kit!
+1 Jawab
maqpie WarwickKidd
@WarwickKidd, thanks! It's really nice to see it being used.
Thanks magpie. I'm a Level 2 TRIer. Really appreciate your work here.
maqpie Ichibantrader
@Ichibantrader, Thanks man! I appreciate that - keeps us all that more motivated. #PMA4TW
is your source code for sale?
maqpie Aitch-T
@Aitch-T, have a look here:
+1 Jawab
@maqpie, Thank you
Hi Magpie, I'm a TRI Level 3 student and wonder if you'd be willing to let me use your script?
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