Alright, as per usual with these, I end up adapting an existing indicator to what I want to accomplish. So this is based off the built in VWAP indicator. I added in the gummy worm to easily identify the trend, as well as the related bands to identify potential areas to either reverse position or to trim an existing one.

The middle part of the bands are the gummy worm version of VWAP . It is the VWAP using the high and another VWAP using the low. The black line is HL2 VWAP (technically 3 VWAPs).

The bands follow what I was mentioning above. So the outer most part of the bands are the high & low VWAP (with the same multiplier) and the inner bands are the HL2 VWAP .

Of course you can set whatever input source you want for these. The default is how I use it. If you want to get rid of the bar color just go to the indicator settings and un-select it at the bottom.

Source code is open so feel free to poke around.

Hope this helps,


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