Fibonacci Auto Mode

This script is an attempt to display Fibonacci Levels in Auto Mode.

It allows for:
  • Select Higher Time Frame (HTF)
  • Indicate How Many Bars from HTF to Use to Find Highs/Lows
  • Manual Mode: Overrides HTF selections
  • Number of Bars Back to use in Manual Mode
  • Show/Hide each one of the Levels
  • Highlight RLZ
Catatan Rilis: Updated default values.

You can adjust the Time Frame and how far to search for Pivot Highs and Lows.

The code was simplified to load faster.
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I am committed to developing indicators that meet the requirements of professional traders. Hope you find it useful.

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Great job with all your script.
Thanks a lot
Happy holidays
gliderfund PipChurchFX
@PipChurchFX, It's great to know that you find the scripts useful for your trading. Thank you for stopping by and show appreciation :)
+1 Jawab
May I have access to give this a try?
gliderfund Fergiemoney
@Fergiemoney, Sure! It's open to be added to any chart. Just need to search for it in the indicator interface and add it
fibonachi range is small .. mayby can make bigger scale at least for daily range
@ndasfx, You can adjust higher timeframe settings in the configuracion panel of the indicator
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