Bank Zones #PipGang

Hello Traders,

If you trade Forex and Indices this indicator will help you identify Buying and Selling levels that Banks are interested in. These levels are displayed on all time frames. Colors of the lines can be customized.

I also added code to show two EMA's, just uncomment the code to show them. :-)

How to use this indicator.

Show Bank Zones - this will enable/disable horizonal lines on the chart.
Price - enter bank zone price.
Increment By - plots three horizonal lines in pips above and below bank zone price.

Note: Decimal placement is KEY, this may vary by symbol.

Sample Settings:
Price 35600.0
IncrementBy 50 (equals 50 pips)

Price 1850.000
IncrementBy 5 (equals 50 pips)

Price 152.500
IncrementBy .5 (equals 50 pips)

Price 1.34100
IncrementBy .005 (equals 50 pips)
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