Heikin Ashi Smoothed Buy Sell

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Heikin Ashi Smoothed Buy Sell
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Hello sir, brilliant indicator! Use it all the time...I just wish there was a way to use it on the 30-60 min chart without triggering so many close Buy & Sell signals and just focus on the bigger ones? Anyway to adjust it?
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Mnbrass549 FreshCrypto
@FreshCrypto, bruh you just going to play around with the EMA's on the Charts when they line up to your desire lengths. Let Your Winners Ride And Losers Die. Be safe... :D
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chikano11 Mnbrass549
@Mnbrass549, Hi mate. Which Timeframe do you use ? Can you gave an example in a screenshot maybe and post the link here ?
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Mnbrass549 chikano11
@chikano11, Yo man how you email me at ill get some information together and show you how i trade... but i do stocks haven't dabbled into forex or crypto yet with this strat
Mnbrass549 chikano11
@chikano11, i didn't realize i was this indicator i don't really use this any more. I discover the MLT HMA it flips when big swings come it is very accurate.
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Mnbrass549 FreshCrypto
@FreshCrypto, just flirt around with the EMA setting... bank institions trades for 89ema 200ema and 633ema.... I prefer the 633ema Setting on a 1 min haven't research 15min and 30min times frames yet, if you tinker around you should find it.
When does the signal appear??? Does this repaint????
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coinsspor jackalbani
@jackalbani, no reapint
do I use it on normal candles or on heikin ashi candles ?
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anybody use it for crypto 4h? what length is optimal?
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