Terminal : Important U.S Indices Change (%) Data

This script is a simple U.S Indices Data Terminal.
You can also set the period to look back manually in the menu.
In this way, an idea can be obtained about Major U.S Indices.


  • Value changes on a percentage basis (%)
  • Recently, due to increasing interest, the NQNACE index has been added.
  • Index descriptions are printed on the information panel.
  • Sentiment NYSE ARCA and AMEX indices added.


  • OSX : PHLX Oil Service Sector Index
  • HGX : PHLX Housing Sector Index
  • SOX : PHLX Semiconductor Sector Index
  • SPGSCI : S&P Goldman Sachs Commodity Index
  • SPSIOP : S&P Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Select Industry Index
  • GDM : NYSE ARCA Gold Miners Index
  • TOB : NYSE ARCA Tobacco Index
  • DFI : NYSE ARCA Defense Index
  • NWX : NYSE ARCA Networking Index
  • XCI : NYSE ARCA Computer Technology
  • NQNACE : Nasdaq Yewno North America Cannabis Economy Index

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Very detail and nice us indices board; appreciated your efforts bro =D
@ICEKI, Thank you so much !
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