[RS]Volume Bars

Volume Bars inspired by Richard W. Arms Jr. EquiVolume.
the bars change in width by the amount of volume within that bar.
see links in the source code for reference.
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Sorr, but on my chart i see a few candles...
+3 Jawab
Have you made this work at all? The candles are thick for me and unreadable
RicardoSantos LionOfTheTrades
@LionOfTheTrades, this is the best solution for the problem right now
LionOfTheTrades RicardoSantos
@RicardoSantos, That is?
RicardoSantos LionOfTheTrades
@LionOfTheTrades, you cant add X space between candles without shifting the center
I've tried to change vol_weight = round((volume / volume) * 25) to vol_weight = round(volume / (high - low) * 2) - looks interesting also
dimitrus_wdn dimitrus_wdn
... need to change coefficient for each ticker or tie it to previous values to have it automatic...
RicardoSantos dimitrus_wdn
@dimitrus_wdn, thx for feedback, will take a look
Hi Richardo,

Thanks for sharing many quality and useful indicators in the community!

I went to your trello and found 1)zigzag target prediction and 2) hosoda wave target indicator seem to be very good indicators. May I know if they are out yet?

RicardoSantos miaomiao18
1) not sure of what your talking about, if zigzag forecasting its available:

2) its not available yet, no ETA.
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