Cyatophilum Bands Pro Trader V5 [BACKTEST]

Hi guys, I improved my script once again :)

This version includes a new feature.

Trailing Take Profit with % deviation.

For those seeing the indicator for the first time, it works like Donchian Channels with lag and a channel width condition to detect breakouts. On top of that I integrated a Stop Loss and Take Profit system to pinescript.

Backtest results below are calculated with :
  • Short + Long Strategy
  • 0.05% Commission
  • 100% of 10 000% equity per trade
  • Strategy data from 25/04/2019 to 18/05/2019

Default Configuration for BITFINEX:ETHBTC 3 minutes timeframe.

This version also has the Stop Loss / Take Profit system included in the previous version, plus a short / long setup distinction. For example you can choose a different stop loss % for long and for short trades.

Previous version:

This Backtest version is free to test. Just Leave a comment, thanks !

Get access to the Alert Setup version and automate the strategy today !
Purchase the Cyatophilum Indicators pack

I will publish backtests and configurations so make sure to follow me if you don't want to miss anything !

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Catatan Rilis: bugfixes (Takeprofit)
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Thx a lot
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Can I have access to your script?

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@brunosap2, yes, thanks for asking!
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