$TELL is gonna fall today

Pupm&Dump trading strategy idea.

$ TELL is rising too much without any strong news today.

The demand for shares of the company looks lower than the supply.

This and other conditions can cause a fall in the share price today.

So I opened a short position from $3,00;
stop-loss — $3,14;
take-profit — $2,72;

Do not view this idea as a recommendation for trading or investing. It is published only to introduce my own vision.
Always do your own analysis before making deals. When you use any materials, do not rely on blind trust.
You should remember that isolated deals do not give systematic profit, so trade/invest using a developed strategy.

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My analysis is that it will recover at least to ~$5 to $5.50 and if breaks $6, could stay there or breakout
It fell when the petroleum crash happened earlier last year, but on its own LNG is not going anywhere and is much much cleaner than gasoline products. Mostly everyone, such as Biden's energy cabinet, considers LNG 'good for the planet' vs using dirty fuels. Not as clean as solar of course, but an excellent alternative.

Additionally, you have to consider that LNG, unlike gasoline, doesn't come from the middle east. We are extracting it right here, in our backyards. So the fuck up that is the OPEC oil cartel that created a skewed demand-supply leading to everyone shitting their pants in early 2020 as alternative energy started taking foothold, doesn't impact LNG. BUT, TELL fell like a dead bird cause the entire petroleum and energy sector went down with OPEC fuck up. With that context, I believe it took a beating cause of the whole energy sector but LNG intrinsically is here to stay another 20-25 years.
+1 Jawab
KozakHlib karakiro
@karakiro, It was just intraday short base on sellers' dominance in order flow in 1 day.
KozakHlib karakiro
@karakiro, so I can't reply you. It's another strategy :)
karakiro KozakHlib
@KozakHlib, Indeed! Thank you. If GME can breach $73, anything can happen 😂
+2 Jawab
+1 Jawab
this idea still working, how much u think it will reach in future ?
KozakHlib Najah000
@Najah000, I just follow my intraday strategy. In can't say about long-ran future.
Najah000 KozakHlib
@KozakHlib, thank you
Some miss the forest for the trees...
KozakHlib umbertocaba
@umbertocaba, why? There are many strategies. This is intraday dump. If you wanna say me smth about long-ran investment, it's another strategy with athother logic.
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