- Product: CGuard with MicroNET for Stroke Prevention
- Stroke is 2nd Leading Cause of Death Worldwide (WHO)
- Currently Sold in 39 Countries
- Expanding to Brazil, China, and Japan
- CE Mark -- FDA Approval Ongoing
- 14 USA, 33 World Patents
- 7 Successful Clinical Trials, 4 On-going
- Becoming the New Standard of Care
- Minimally Invasive Outpatient Procedure
- The MicroNET solves the problem of dislodging artery plaque during stent placement
- New CEO Marvin Solsman (January 2020) 30yr Exp
- GE Healthcare, Cordis, and Integra
- Focused on Commercialization and International Market Development
- Company Recapitalized for Growth Preparation
- 30% Growth in Q42019
- Stroke Management is BIG Business
- $34 Billion associated with Stroke Management in USA yearly
- Consolidation past few days
- Falling wedge - - possible reversal

looking for .5c break and retest of new support
PT1 .58c
PT2 .79c
PT3 .89c
PT4 1.04
stop .44c
Komentar: Triple bottom just formed here. Will keep this on watch. Surprised this one hasn't taken off yet.
Komentar: Holding strong in PM.
Komentar: InspireMD Gains Registration Clearance of its CGuard™ Embolic Prevention System (EPS) in Brazil
Komentar: Massive volume PM with PR should make this run at open.


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