What to expect on ER?

Well seems like we continue the sell off of the Brazil news that I didn't sell. So what news is there to push it higher? Well if ER repeats the same pattern we can suspect them beating EPS and and Beating Revenue.


-Earnings this wednesday, a week early

-They are hitting their road map this year

-Atm the FDA IDE is awaiting its pr , yet questions on their recent tweet suggesting it got approved

-The filed for some 8-ks on a past offering that happen over two years ago. These changed the pricing of these investors to .49-.50. Heres some links to the offering it refers too and to a definetion to prospectus supplement.
prospectus supplement definition: the link looks funny so just google the definition

Now TA
-We been in a downward trend, yet the volume has been low. The average volume ranges from 2.5-over 4million, yet the past week its been dropping and Friday we didn't even hit a million. The only thing I could find is a low volume downward trend article titled "Low Volume Pullback" Again we going back to the FDA IDE news that many common investors suspect the news to already be dropped. Now I'm no expert on how this process works, so I'm just waiting till ER update.
-MACD looks like its gonna turn over, but is neutral on that it is possible for a pretty big move this week in either direction.
-RSI is trending downward suggesting its becoming oversold and we could go bullish , yes it's not super oversold yet.
-I put in a new trade zone that we could just go sideways till earnings from .4499-.4594

Other notes
-I did some DD on the current CEO and notice over 2 years he produces returns for a company from when he gets hired till he leaves. If you can hold for another year and 2/3months you could see a price target of .9023 or a pt of 1.2293. This data is from his recent jobs at ticker ITAMAR and IART , which he produced returns at rougly round 4-44% as he worked for them.
-According to Fintel: on 06/09/2020 Lind Global Macro Fund LP acquired just over 3.9million shares and L1 Capital Global Opportunities Master Fund, Ltd acquired over 650k shares on 06/19/2020

Final thoughts
I'll hold my position, but till earnings . I'll be neutral on the buy half, yet long term you could make 100%-170% return in the next year and 3 months with the CEO past performance. They have hit the Brazil market and is growing in the US. You could see massive market cap growth.

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