NSPR just getting started?

Now buying my 3000 shares than seeing it pump to .61 (highest RH showed), was just luck with getting the news about Brazil approval NSPR product, yet looking at the chart begs to wonder is it over?

-CGuard got approval to be used in Brazil. I will post a DD at the end of this for NSPR , yet the consumer market of CGuard in Brazil can be up too 213 million citizens . The DD also suggest NSPR is looking for partners to China to distribute CGuard next.
-NSPR is looking for FDA IDE approval that it had to resubmit testing in May. If it gets approved it will get clinical trial testing to be able to be sold in the USA, which it already has approval for in Europe. It already has positive feedback from its test it submitted.
-Voting coming up to add more shares (double current shares). This is negative, yet with the price of a share atm I really don't think it will past, since they raised money already in early June.
-Insiders have be buying shares up to 4 million, which gives answers to the weird volume after the dump.
-Low float: tbh no clue what this means or what I'm looking at since I don't trade on what is low float. But alot of people say this stock volume should be above dollar with all the positive news.

-Again volume is beyond head scratching, which reading the DD it makes since with 4million shares being bought up from CEO, Co, and other institutions.
-RSI is dead center
-MACD shows more momentum to the upside. Only thing that could affect it if tech stocks sell off again or a negative catalyst such as shares increase.
-now for the support and resitance lines short term and long term: support can be at the .50, .4922, and .4594. After that maybe new lows or a bear trap.
-Resistance is at .61/.5764, than next a bounce to $.7493-$.6491, $.9750, $1.1275, than all i got this a pump to $3.0811 (500%). One alysise has a $2 target, yet I don't see any activity since from $1.1275-$3.0811 was just a straight dump.

Final thoughts
I'll hold my 3k shares, since positive catalyist out number the negative one coming up. This company will have zero effect on its US and China relation, since its HQ is in Israel. With years of downside there is speculation what the overall outcome of this company, since it has been 15 years and its still around. I say its a hold and a buy between these ranges with .45 being buy, yet hold if it dips under that price.



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